Welcome to the world of Pele!

The Pele collection is all about finding joy and solace in artful, unique and thoughtful designs that are expertly forged by hand with time, love and care.Simple or statement, everyday or occasion, we consider it our fortunate mission to design the most stunning, handcrafted jewelry to answer to any outfit, every gift and the latest style whimsy.

Pelé Jewellery

Pelé Jewellery is born from a love of lustre, shimmer, clean lines, raw textures and white, bright and deep colours in their purity from the earth and sea.

Step in to the world of Pelé, where seaside charm meets exquisite craftsmanship. Our collections, born in the tropical paradise of Port Douglas, weave precious metals, gems, corals, and lustrous pearls into timeless treasures.

Discover us at the vibrant PORT DOUGLAS market, nestled under the majestic mango tree every Sunday. Join our Pelé family and explore our entire range while saying hi to our fabulous Mel.

In the creative heart of Byron Bay, NSW, our workshop crafts bespoke, ocean inspired one-of-a-kind pieces.

From Darwin’s Elevated to global destinations like Munich, Basel, Waikiki, Bali, New Zealand and Singapore, our jewelry graces boutiques worldwide, showcasing a curated selection of our exquisite collection’s elegance and artistry.




Jewellery care instructions

Sterling silver jewellery and our Beach Gold alloy pieces can be washed with dishwashing liquid to clean.Dry with a soft cloth afterwards.

All our metals can also be cleaned with Silvero, Brasso or baking soda that can be purchased in a supermarket.

Brushed silver jewellery can be cleaned with a rubber that is normally used to rub out lead pencil.

Please keep all jewellery away from humidity especially in bathrooms and away from perfumes, creams and cleaning products.

Sterling silver jewellery can be easily reshaped by hand if it has been bent by inappropriate care.Just slowly manipulate it back into shape by hand.